Viviendo Perdido

10t of August 2015 Oriol Tort and me take out our old choppers with a bag with a jeans, a t-shirt, two underwear, jacket, tools, gas bottle reserved and the sleep bag. Ride from Barcelona to Picos de Europa in Asturias like a propers biker. Great ways we ride and we look that doesn't need go to States to find a good place to be or to ride. To far away from Spain, to much money to spend, it's easy we have a great country and we doesn't need go to anywhere just take out our fucking choppers and ride the country like we been in States but ... with good weather, better food and the best people.

See you soon States.

Ride to Flanders Chopper Bash 2015

Last May Dallas, Oriol, me and few riders more ride our motorcycles from Barcelona (Spain) to Axel (Netherland). The reason is one of the best chopper meetings is the "FLANDERS CHOPPER BASH".
Lovely meeting with good atmosphere, good music and amazing bikers. Thanks to everyone that made possible of this chopper meeting specially Angelo, Peggy, Rolf, Paul, Gille, Tiny, Hank, Bram and more sure.
Always you can find good choppers, good live music, good conversation and better people but you don't sucks.