Life to Ride

Is the story of each rider that life for ride and find the way to arrived. This photos are the flash of my last year riding the "Little Bastard" around of France, Belgium, Holland, England and Spain.
Special moments with funny histories and good people.
People that never meet if I wasn't there because is a bikers and they life to ride, listen good rock, drink a beer, smoked marihuana and some drugs too, but the most important is that always know that they are.

Thanks to everyone to make me happy last year, specially to Oriol, Dallas, Marc, Denis, Popy and Ruben of Bandera Negra, Tony from Land Speed, Tito-Jose-Victor of Monkey Roll, Giel "Roll without Control", Rene, the people of Flanders Chopper Bash, Trip Out and my new brothers of BLACK WIDOWS!!!!

I hope see you soon on the way.


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